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Default thank you Lowe's

Ok.... so....

I have a 3 hose, 22" pipe I bought on eBay over a year ago when I first started smoking, I don't think it even has a brand name, but it works great! And with this pipe, I have a tendency to smoke two of the hoses at once and leave the third valve alone, so I figured, why not create a single hose that could be attached to 2 valves and only have to pull from one ? so while I was at Lowe's, I came up with this....

and man is it wonderful

its 5/8" clear tube (I wanted to use 3/4, but they didn't have any 3/4 T fittings), 5/8" T fitting. Mind you, I cut the ends off 2 of my hoses that came with the kit, so all in all, it just gives me more of a reason to buy some new NICE hoses.

iolite reviews

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