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Default A Blast from the Past

A very weird thing happened recently. I was out of country on business as is often the case and after an unsuccessful meeting with some clients I went out to go check and see if the local cigar shops had anything on special offer worth getting. While looking around I saw a shabby homeless guy with one leg missing that I thought I recognized but I assumed I was wrong.

As I was walking away someone called out my name and I realized that the homeless guy was an old mate from my police days ( long before most of you were born I'd guess) and stopped to chat. The cool thing is that he's one that got me into cigars as his family owned a shop in Salisbury. Needless to say, the years since "liberation" haven't been to kind to him and while things could have been worse they were pretty close to the bottom.

Anyway, I ask him to take a room in my house as I have space and needed some place to stay and it's pretty amazing to find a long lost pal. In any case, he had never seen a narghile before so I showed him how to use it and it was a big success. A great couple of nights were spent going down memory lane and smoking al-Mutawakkil so I guess you could say that life can't get much better.
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