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Default Re: A Blast from the Past

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Well I don't really think about how what I do effects others I simply try to do what seems like the right thing at the time. I would assume that most people would do as I did given the situation. It's hard to describe but although we haven't seen each other for a lot of years I still feel a very close bond. We went through a whole heap of extremely stressful times together and since we shared stuff that just doesn't happen in peace time nothing can really change between us if that makes any sense. We both are disfigured and have the same feelings of loss and remorse which is something that I can't really describe.

Although lots of crazy, unlikely things have happened to me over the years running into an old comrade the way I did is pretty strange I admit.

I used to go to the Springbok Club functions but I never ran into anyone I knew from the old days at those get togethers. Besides, reflecting on just how bad things have gotten with other dispossessed peoples is not to uplifting to say the least so I quit bothering with that sort of thing.

Still, good fortune is something to be celebrated and doing it with someone that I can share tobacco let alone history with is great.
That is exactly my point. You did this because it was what came naturally and what you believed was normal and correct for a person to do. I feel the same and believe that more people should come to realize that random acts of kindness can add just a little more good energy to the world.
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