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Default Re: What's good on KM??

They aren't the highest quality materials. But that's not what most of us are paying for when we buy a KM. Most of us are paying for 2 things. These are the ability of a KM to give you an amazing smoke with it's wide bore holes and wide gauge stem and ports (which also directly refers to the perfect purge quality of all KM rigs);
and Tradition.

The hoses are made of sprite 24 back boxes and various other cardboard pieces, the stems (which some do claim to be completely stainless) may or not be actually stainless or even purchased from a metal-works company.

Frankly this is the reason i look for brass in my KM's. It is a more expensive metal on the market, so they are adding more elegant and expensive pieces to my rig.

You will never get the same smoke experience (density, purge capability)from a Common Chamber hookah, like a Mya, in comparison to a KM or Traditional Style Syrian. They are just not designed as well. They are built in factories with high-grade metals, but they are built the least expensive way possible, a common chamber. You cannot purge a common chamber, and it will smoke very well, but never as good as a KM.

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