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Default Re: What's good on KM??

Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
i see. i just meant, that there are much cheaper handmade hookahs from egypt in oriental stores here. i dont know whether there are that much oriental stores in the usa, but here you can find hookahs like KM's on every street in bigger cities
Hiya PCServe. Just as a comparison I bought a KM On the Rocks for 62.00(38.88EUR) and it stands 32"(81.2CM). The welds are clean and the overall pipe appearance is fantastic(tallest pipe in the pic below). It smokes perfectly. So I actually paid less for a pipe that is under 1cm shorter than your example pipe. Not all KMs and MZs are expensive. There are vendors who charge more for them but thankfully not all. Not to mention that with that 62.00 pipe I also received the KM hose which all should know is top notch. And as for markets selling pipes, every store around me is insanely overpriced for no-name paperweights. I own two KMs now and enjoy them both. Cheers!
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