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Default Re: What's good on KM??

I can't understand the German, but it does look like a pretty nice rig.
I'm not sure that his hole patterns really accomplish much. I use a pattern like his first one when I'm using a phunnel (the lack of holes in the centre means that the air will all go through the shisha on the sides), but the second one just seems like a waste to me. He seems to place all his holes under the coals, where air can't really get to them. Typically though, I find that simply poking as many holes as possible usually always works the best for me.

The main advantage with a KM is the fact that the downstem is of a large diameter. I don't have a KM, but I do have a Syrian with a similar large downstem, and it does make a big difference. The draw is just so much easier and voluminous with a wide stem.
Egyptian hookahs found in local shops can be nice, but I've rarely seen any with wide stems, and with KM you're paying for the assurance of good QC.
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