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Default Hey, new to hookah

Hey whats up guys. I've been lurking around for quite a few months now checking this forum out. I WAS registered at Hookahforum but the situations they got going on there and the drama is just not my style. This forum seems to be more laid back and user friendly.

I'm kinda new to this hookah thing, I just started in like march when I was introduced by a good buddy of mine. It was nice, and I was instantly attracted to it and all the different flavors and such. I live on Houston's north side, so there really isn't much as far as Hookah bars/lounges. They are all downtown area. I looked online for local shops that sell hookahs and accessories because I like to SEE what it is im buying before I get it. Couldn't find anything until a guy I know at hookahforum sent me towards Jimmy at J & R. He was really nice, and helped me pick out the best hookah to suit my needs. I ended up getting a 22" egyptian, and he only charged me $19.99; he told me that hes having an inventory clearance, regularly I believe they are $50. He also let me smoke with him some Al Fakher. His 22" Egyptians, so far from what I see, are top notch. I got layalina watermelon, al fakher esk apple, and al fakher berry from him, each $9.00 (beats paying for shipping)

I had a few questions though, generally for you guys. What do you guys smoke as far as "fruity" flavors. I tried grape with Jimmy, but it wasn't as fruity as Id like it to be. Also, he showed me something called a funnel bowl. What does it do, how does it work, is it a good investment? Also, what about hoses. My hookah came with a 60" egyptian style hose, but Jimmy said they are not washable, and he didn't have anything washable available at his store, so im in a rut now. Thanks to anyone who responds.
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