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Default First Tangiers smoke

So I tried Tangiers for the first time last night. Tried Maraschino Cherry.
I let it acclimate, stirred it, during acclimation every now and then, overpacked my tangiers phunnel bowl (also used double foil and a bunch of smaller holes poked by a toothpick), and used a good bit less heat.

I have to thank the community for all its knowledge. The flavor was recommended, (and for good reason), it was absolutely delicious. However, I couldn't get too much smoke. I'm curious if its just my lungs. The draw was effortless (razan hose on my new MZ), but I couldn't draw for more than 2 seconds max because I would cough, or struggle to keep from coughing. It was not burnt, did not smell burnt above the bowl nor taste burnt at all (tasted amazing). I lightly purged here and there to clear smoke and cool the shisha.

But when I took off even more heat, I could draw longer but got very little smoke. It was not harsh, as in burned shisha harsh, I just couldn't draw for any significant amount of time. Is that normal for a first time Tangiers smoke?
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