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Default Re: What's good on KM??

Originally Posted by zbanu View Post
I've just found this site Looks like a nice rig to smoke on. Also wanted to ask about the hole patterns the guy made, what do you think of them?
i tried nearly all setups, mentioned on shisha forum and Chos' setups are working very good! the second hole patterns works good for me, if i want to smoke hookah hookah. the first is better for al fakher or starbuzz. you should try it, it really works well
btw: germans are crying about you americans do your holes the big holes, shown in many american video reviews are impossible for us

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
Firs off, thanks for the link. Finally a site I can understand. Lol, language impaired here. Also, what would the shipping cost be to my addy(you have it already), there is no option for USA in the shipping list calculator.
i dont know the exactly shipping price, i already asked him for sambooka, but i cant remember the exactly price ... unfortunately i dont have the PM, sent to sam some months ago in my sent-messages-folder ..
i think it was 20€ for slow shipping and 50€ for express shipping. it was a very special price, erdal made for you (with slow shipping you are paying less than german customers -- but i cant remember the exactly shipping prices ... i'll call him later and ask him about this)
someone of you should buy it, make a video review and show it to some shop owners here in the forum, so that they import it and can sell it in the usa :P

EDIT: ive called him. he said to florida the shipping is about 30€
so you would pay about $175 for a Nargilem NP-560 .. i think thats a good price for such a good hookah, shipped to the usa (normal price, shipped to the usa would be more than $250 ^^)

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
hey PCServe, how much does a shishaking emir cost over where youre at? Do you know of any places you can get them?

they cost a bunch on a UK Site, was wondering if they were any cheaper anywhere else.
i dont know the brand "shisha king". just king hookah:,sh...hookah,,,,.htm
but i dont think, this is the same.

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