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Default Re: Hey, new to hookah

Phunnel bowl. It looks like a ring with the center hole raised up. You put the shisha in there so that the goop doesn't trickle through the tube. It's normally used for really wet shisha (Formerly Smiley's*, Golden Al Fakher). It's a must-have, but I don't know if anyone relies on it for EVERYTHING. I still like to use my normal bowl, and use my medium phunnel when smoking with a lot of people. Oh, also, Phunnel bowls take more heat, and they last ridiculously long. There is also something called a Scalli mod, which reroutes the air through the bottom of the shisha instead of just going over the top of it.

Pictures later. MNHookah is being slow now :-/

*I don't know if anyone smokes Smiley's anymore, or if it's available, but it was known for being the wettest, gooiest shisha, and a good value. It no longer is, at $9 for 15g... last I heard.
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