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Default Re: Contentment Samples

Alright, everyone (with one exception) has been sent the samples and I expect that within a couple of days everyone should have them. In terms of smoking them I have a couple of suggestions. First, these are very traditional style jurak with no glycerine so don't expect huge clouds. Secondly, when you start smoking apply 4 or 5 pieces of coals then and then cut back to 3 bits once you get a decent amount smoke so as to not burn it. Rotate the coals frequently and don't forget to tamp off the ash every few minutes. Third, this stuff is unwashed so if you typically smoke candy you'll want to take it slower then normal. Lastly, Contentment is a complicated brand with a ton of flavours (many of which are subtle) so take the time to quitely smoke and pick out the flavours letting the smoke roll out your mouth and past your nose.
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