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Default Re: What do you think about this hookah?

How many people are you going to smoke with Usually one hose will be good enough for 1-3(maybe 4) people depending on how much people are smoking. A 2 hose hookah would be good for 4-6, and a 3 Hoser 6-8 in my opinion...

I have a 1 Hose Syrian and a 3 hose MYA and I would suggest a MYA with a couple of additional hose connecters with the ball in them so you do not have to plug the hookah. MYA makes some decent stuff, it just wont smoke as good as a 1 hoser will! Check out ******* Hookah, they have the cheapest MYA stuff around, just be careful not to break the vase on them, I already have... ;-(
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