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Default Re: Help! Razan Hose Problem?

I assumed from the Nammors breaking.

If you say they aren't then i'll believe you, I have never heard a vendor say they aren't made in china.

I see Razans as higher quality Nammors, i have yet to have a problem with the Razan i purchased so long ago.

The problem the OP has is ALL to common in these types of hoses, because they are held together mainly by glue (most hookah hoses are), because it's cheaper to produce, that's why these hoses don't cost an arm and a leg (well, anymore then they do). You can just use glue to retain most problems on these hoses, except actual hose tearing (which i unfortunately was blessed with on my Nammor).

I see razans as the better quality Hose. When this problem happens, the op's problem, I believe they should be immediately replaced by the Retailer. That would mean the glue is dissolving, and it is not water-proof, so the hose is NOT washable.
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