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Default Re: Contentment Samples

Originally Posted by mexican3790 View Post
glad to say i got my 2 samples!! they are shahnama and daqiqi if anyone can chime in on what flavors they are that'd be nice!
Traditional stuff like jurak does not have flavours as they don't use flavour essences like we are used to getting to simulate fruits, chocolate, nuts etc. Instead, old fashioned products like Contentment use high quality tobaccos of many different types which are blended, fermented, cured and aged to bring out a lot of different flavours that you won't find in crap products like ciggarettes. The molasses does add something of course but jurak is usually aged with extracts taken from a veriety of herbs and spices which add various aromatics and tastes.

The particular blend is usually named for a place where the comapny is from, a military leader/noble from times gone by or something having to do with poetry as poets have traditionally been big fans of the narghile. Someone should look up Shāhnāma and Daqiqi see what the blend refers to.
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