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Default Re: shisha addictiveness

I encourage moderation in tobacco use. I also encourage people to actually know something about the research and how the conclusions are reached. Clearly smoking entails significant, although overstated risks, and people need to know what those risks are make an informed, adult decision prior to smoking. Personally I don’t inhale because I don’t see the point and I think it adds an additional risk factor. I also encourage people to periodically give up tobacco just to see how doing so effects them and then act accordingly. As to the risks of narghile use I’d hazzard a guess that it’s less harmful then cigarettes but given how shockingly bad tobacco research is and how politicized the whole subject matter is I’d suggest extreme caution when checking out the latest hysterical report about the evils of our favorite leaf.

An excellent example of the dishonest and shoddy nature of anti-smoking research is found in this little blurb here
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