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Default Re: Contentment Samples

Originally Posted by AngriestPhx View Post
Hajo, thank you and Adam for arranging the reception of Contentment samples to those of us who received them. I tried the S. sample this evening and it was absolutely amazing. It is definitely on its own tier of hookah tobacco. One question though, how would a guy like me get a hold of more of this stuff?
We are both glad to introduce people to the joy of traditional smoking which is kind of hard once you leave the Middle East & India. When I first had it about 6 years back I was on vacation in Bandar-e Torkaman (near the Caspian Sea in Iran) for the Norouz (new year) festivities and I had it in a little cafe. I assume that Contentment is made somewhere nearby because it came wrapped in wax paper and string rather then modern packaging. From time to time I get a buddy that travels to the Middle East to pick up stuff for me like Al Buturī or al-Mutawakkil but unfortunately that sort of thing isn't really exported as far as I know so you basically have to go where it's made.
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