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Default Re: shisha addictiveness

Originally Posted by Rob416 View Post
haha soo truu.. you get addicted to the excitment.. of smoking.. rather then the tobacco itsself.. you will see once u first sstart smoking all you are going to want to do is smoke bc its fun its a great hobby.. jsut that it puts a hole in ur pocket.. and it will die down once u smoke alot thats why i smoke maybe every other day or sumthing but when my friends are over we smoke alot because for them its still a thrill..
yup, my friends used to do it everynight, we all brought our hookahs to each other's houses, therefore there was no passing of hoses. Lol we kept trying to outdo each other by buying the best stuff. My friend got a 44 inch hookah to outdo us and I kind of just laughed.
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