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Default Re: Tips for a new smoker

My tips to you:

-Always use ICE in the base, it will enchance your smoking experience 10 fold.
-Try to start with washed tobacco like, al fakher, starbuzz
-Washed and Unwashed means if the nicotine is washed out, Washed is .05% nicotine unwashed is .5%
-Clean your hookah after or before every session, i do both. This is a nice relaxation thing but hygene of your hookah is REALLY important
-Don't inhale when the quick lites are lighting, thats gun powder, and not really good to inhale.
-Use this forum alot, You will find almost anything you need to know here, people are always willing to help, and trust me...people know what they are doing here.

Besides all that, enjoy yourself, Hookah is supposed to be about enjoyment, let us know if you need any help!
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