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Default Re: September forum contest is unfair.

I don't think the contest is unfair at all. There have to be at least SOME restrictions. There are contests all the time that render some people who would like to participate unable to do so. I live in California, and anytime I try and enter one of the Guinness beer contests or giveaways, I am summarily rejected because of the stupid rules in my goddamn state. Is it unfair? Absolutely, but that's the way it goes. I'm assuming you live in a relatively civilized part of the world, but what if the winner ended up living in the furthest reaches of, I don't know, Greenland? Would it be fair for PYH to pay eight billion dollars to get the prize out there? I think not.

That being said, being you are offering to front the cost of shipping, I'm sure Bilal would be willing to make an exception, assuming you win of course.
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