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Angry Major clog in hookah stem, running out of ideas...

Lately when i've been smoking, my hookah was REALLY hard to drag from. I tried cleaning the hookah stem, thoroughly cleaning the hose, made absolutely sure it wasn't how i was packing the bowl... and today i found the problem.

Here's a picture for easy reference, so you know where i'm talking about.

I've narrowed the clog down to the part i circled in green. I can look through the stem (From A to D) just fine, no clogs there. I look down the hose port (B) with a flashlight and nothing seems to be clogging it.

When i cover D with my finger, and blow in the hookah through A, it is EXTREMELY hard to blow through. So i'm led to believe there's a clog.

Here's what i've tried so far:
-Running water through it
-Running really hot water with lemon juice through it
-Putting a pretty long pipe cleaner through the (It doesn't go all the way, seems to get stuck on something metal)

So... i've run out of ideas. I'm just not sure what to do. For the record i have a 13" egyptian pumpkin hookah i got somewhere in Atlantic City, and it hit amazing for about 4 months before this clog happened.
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