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Default Re: Major clog in hookah stem, running out of ideas...

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
If you cover D with your fingwer and blow through A it should be hard to blow through! LOL That would be like covering one end of a straw and trying to draw through it. Not going to happen. Has to be something else wrong with it.
.... Wow. Now i just feel like a dumbass. This is why it's a bad idea that the time i've been smoking hookah i've never really tried to figure out how it worked. I can start looking for the next problem here, i guess i'll find a reallllllllly long pipe cleaner and see if it's something in the hose, because i can blow through it fine. Although i still suspect it's a clog in the heart part. I'll give abu ronin's idea a try and leave it soaking overnight, see if anything comes up tomorrow when i clean it.
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