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Default Re: Does it really work? (a discussion of all hookah techniques, topic changes)

funnels. ingenious the way it was thought up. works wonders for drippy shisha on making it last longer and not drip into your stem making cleanup a pain if you didnt use it. doesnt work for all brands like i tried it with HH hazelnut last night and all it was doing was burning the tobacco. used the same ammount of heat on my modern bowl and it smoked like no tomorrow. so perfect for some and not perfect for others.

edit: now for the mods, honestly i think this is a huge gimmick made for nothing. i have tried with and without a mod and see no difference. if you where to ask the man himself, eric about using the mod he will say the same thing really. that there is no need for a mod and its just a gimmick. now post up your ideas on this mates
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