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Default Re: Major clog in hookah stem, running out of ideas...

I've checked the purge, all seems to be fine in there. I did leave it soaking in my sink in water and baking soda overnight, it seems a LOT of stuff got shaken loose in doing that, a lot of crap came out of it. A few pretty large chunks, which i'm pretty sure had something to do with the clog, because i just set up a bowl of cherry and it's smoking great again!

I HAD to narrow it down to the heart area of the stem, because that's the only place where i cannot physically see or test to see if it's clogged, and i guess that's what it was. I hope that doesn't happen again, lol. I'm still surprised at how much crap in there got knocked loose with soaking it. Thanks again everyone, especially abu ronin for your help.
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