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Default okay nammors F*^&%*% suck

im not sure if that title is appropriate. but nammors suck. my friends has a plastic taste that will seemingly never go away. Mine did but the taste went away after about 4 days of constant use. but my plastic stopper for the detachable mouth piece came off so i super glued it. then the super glue came off and i tried to re-glue the damn thing again. but it went all over my right index and middle fingers. then there was no more glue in the tube so i waited to buy a new super glue or some kind of adhesive so i hung it up on my door handle where it hasn't been touched in about 2 days. So i decided to use it anyway and just hold the mouth piece in place. SO i pick it up to use the damn thing and alas, the handle completely detaches. and the threading around the handle is completely unwrapping. Lame. F this hose, im getting a razan. Stupid super glue. Stupid plastic taste. Stupid handle. Stupid hose. Just needed to vent. And warn you guys. There was already a thread about not buying a nammor and how it's poorly crafted, i just wanted to add on to that.
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