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Default If Shisha gets dry, can it get revived?

Ok, so I took all the shisha out of the fridge last night and tried another bowl tonight, definetly worked better (was able to finish the bowl). I had some good flavor at the beginning but only for a couple of draws on the hose. I used three pieces of the exotica coals and one piece of the heavy duty foil. I used a large bowl and sprinkled the shisha in loosely, not to loose but not packed to tightly. At the end of the session (about 30-45 minutes) I got a real harsh draw from the pipe, so I lifted the foil and all the shisha was finished. So, is there anyway to revive the shisha once it starts to dry out? It still has some moisture, but I am thinking the fridge must have taken a lot out of the shisha.
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