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Default Re: okay nammors F*^&%*% suck

you just got a bad batch i was a victim of this me and my g/f ordered two red nammor hoses, and when they arrived we washed them and everything they had the slight plastic taste but went away after about 3 uses. but about 3 days of use my g/fs litterly started unravalling and we were like wtf? so we called up the site we got it from and told them the prob and they sent a replacement free of charge so she ended up getting a pink one when that one arrived it was perfect and did not have any problems what so ever, but then my red nammor started to do the same thing as the first so i called up and they sent me a black one free of charge and of course much much better we have had our black and pink nammors for about 4 months now of constant constant use and they are holding their own flawlessly except the grommet popped out of my g/fs but some super glue fixed it up good as new and it has held together till this day... so therefore i think you just got a bad batch.. try calling who ever you got it from and see if theyll replace it?
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