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Default Re: Identifying a Syrian

One way to id a syrian narghille is weight.Syrian rigs are almost exclusively brass, which means they will be very heavy and solid.(However I should note that I recently saw a dual metal syrian that I believe may have been brass and steel.)Syrians are also hand made and carved.The stems will usually have ornate carving and elegant shaped segmants making up the stem.Unlike egyptian shisha that usually have only shaped segments.Because they are hand carved, there may also be imperfections in the craftsmanship.This is natural,and in fact helps give the piece a very authentic look.Check the archive for pics. of syrian narghille which people have posted, you see the difference.Many syrians are also segmented. Meaning the stem may come apart in several threaded sections, whick some folks like for travel and easy cleaning.
The bottom line is that once you learn to identify a syrian narghille you'll spot one from a mile away. Syrian rigs are known for being visually stunning and smoking like absolute champs!This is why so many of us are such dedicated syrian smokers/collectors.And btw, I'm not aware of many knock-offs floating around, although they are out there. good luck and happy hunting!

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