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Default Re: September forum contest outide US

Well, as of right now, I feel completely uncomfortable with shipping any prize to a minor and that prize will be forfited from said minor and given to the next person. I'm sorry. Any vendor that sends you a prize could find himself in some hot water and possibly shut down due to the anti smoking laws in our country and many others.

Our rules state that you have to be the legal age of majority for your state in order to join in on the contest. I will stand behind those rules, because that is the law.

I personally, as a mod will not allow a minor to win the contest. You can promote and help the site but I do not want the site, or any stores being shut down for selling to / contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I hope you understand.

As for shipping out of the country, That should be up to each individual sponsor because they are losing money on the item/ and then shipping in the US. Let alone triple the shipping for overseas.

Hope I don't come out as rude, but seriously, this isn't about who we like the best, or screw anyone over instance, this is a CYA type of thing. Sorry dude.

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