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Default Al Fakher's New Cut....

Well, I have been experimenting with the flavors of AF cut in the old style and cut in the new. The old style is a medium sized cut, similar to Starbuzz or Al Waha. The New cut is best described as small; think of it basically as a little bigger then minced, but in the same minced shape. Therefore, the new cut is fluffier.

What has happened in my experiences is just that, my experiences, yours would probably be different, better or worse, based on climate, weather, air quality, coal, heat, bowl style, or packing.

I have not been able to get a successful smoke from the new AF cut in ANY session that I have had.
I started using 3 CocoNara, as usual, but the tobacco burned right off the bat so I lowered the heat to 2 coals. This produced large clouds, and strong flavor, but there was a scratchy throat problem. This was with all 5 flavors. 3 people were all smoking from a KM Mash'al, from a Small Phunnel +Mod. The Mod was switched out to a new one, and the results were the same.
Just for kicks, we just decided to use 1 coal. This produced weak wispy smoke and medium flavor, but the scartchy throat problem was there.
For each bowl of each flavor, it took less then 5 minutes of Coal-on-Foil contact for the shisha to burn and taste burnt. More coal simply meant the harshness was less bearable.
The windcover was used normally, not at all, and the whole time, the tingle and quick burning was the same.
The second round of bowls we switched to Golden canary coals on a Nour Syrian, and the results were the same.

The conclusion was that it was impossible to smoke AF inside my house, inside my garage, and on my portch. I am basing this problem on the new cut.
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