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Default Re: Contentment Samples

I am very interested in seeing reviews of the samples I sent out as very few Americans have had a chance to try this stuff and it would be great if more people can find out about it. Also, a lot of expense and work is involved in buying and shipping two kilos and getting through Lithuanian and U.S. customs, re-moistening it (old style packing does not travel well) and re-packing/labeling/mailing 40 samples. I like to smoke this kind of thing drinking Iranian Bergamot oil based tea which you can buy in American shops oddly enough.

Hopefully, a few people here are will come come to like traditional style moassels and juraks as a result of the samples.

I also just got in some Bergamot flavoured jurak and Jaffa Orange and Tamerind flavoured moassels all made by Contentment. Basically the last two looks like Serbetli and they smell great but I haven't had the chance try them yet.
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