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Default Re: September forum contest outide US

Thanks. I just wanted to say that am not writing this in an angry manner but rather in disapointment
Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
I also don't think that 90% or more of modern youth have the rationality needed decide if they really want to consume tobacco and I don't think any minor has the ability to appreciate the artistry of this hobby which is a major attribute that when lacking makes the whole practice banal.
IMO Thats not true. And its Kind of discriminating, saying that young people cant appreciate (doesnt have the ability as you said) this hobby). I Believe that that is completetly wrong. There are many of us that enjoy this hobby and feel the way you feel about hookahs.Only if you knew me....

And about the greadyness... lets just say, not all of us work ,here.

The minor issue  was not a part of the thread, or to be discussed publicly. The thread was started for those who live outside the US.
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