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Default Hookah Noob...

Hey fellas, I'm new around here. Hoping to pick up my first hookah tomorrow at a local shop (I'm pretty damn excited). Anyways I have a question that I need answered...

As previously stated this will be my first hookah experience and I want to try out several different shisha flavors in one day.

So here's my question, I've read about the proper way to pack the bowl with shisha, What I'm wondering is if its ok to pack only 1/4 of the bowl with tobacco because I just want to get a feel for the different flavors? So I would smoke each flavor for say 10 to 15 minutes with a buddy. Will not filling the bow completely make the shisha more susceptible to getting burned and making harsh smoke? Or is it fine to only put a bit to tobacco in there and smoke for a shorter period of time? Thanks for the help!
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