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Default Re: Does it really work? (a discussion of all hookah techniques, topic changes)

as much as i love my newly acquired phunnel bowl, sometimes its just not practical to have a smoke session last over an hour and a half. they are great for movies when you dont want to repack, or for when there is a nice group of people smoking with you, but for a before work smoke i still go back to my egyptian bowl. and for drier shisha i use the egyptian bowl as well.

though i have only used it a handful of times so far, it seems to work really well when i fill it almost to the top, LIGHTLY pack the shisha down, and make a ring of holes (a lot of them!) about 1/4" wide around the outside of the bowl with a needle. 2 split 3k 33m, half on each side making a square in the middle works perfectly.

havent used the mod since it doesnt fit in my phunnel, i got the small one. the idea seems logical but it works just fine without it
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