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Default Re: Need help - Group of virgin hookah smokers wanting to smoke with me

starbuzz x on the beach and white peach left quite a nice impression on a couple friends that rarely if ever smoke hookah.

fusion orange tastes and smells exactly like a fresh peeled orange. their mango raspberry is awesome too

al waha california dream is the SH*****T!! but you have to watch out with al waha and unwashed brands, i let a friend that barely ever smokes hookah and never smokes cigarettes try some and he was pretty pale and sweaty after a couple drags. their strawberry tastes like those little strawberry hard candies with gooey stuff in the middle.

if you can find taru shisha, their grape is sooo good. just had a friend i havent seen in a year or so remind me of how the last time we kicked it thats what we smoked, and he was super impressed.
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