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Default Re: Has anyone used these?

Originally Posted by Juno View Post
Yeah, I'm willing to spilt it.

If they don't work, then I'll just use them for the next bonfire.

Al Fakher's Natural coals do flake too much. Even my beloved Red Kastle coals.
Ugh I don't even wanna start with SB. I mean it doesn't ash AS much as Exoticas or anything like that, but the ash gets on my nerves! lol

When I ash the Sb coals, the ash a very fine ash and not only that, the ash is so light that it starts to fly across the room, which makes my carpet all nasty and stuff. I know vacuuming will always fix that prob...But I like coals that don't always get the ashes all over the carpet.

Hmmm Now I kinda starting to like them since they give off great heat=more smoke.

Haha! But I didn't say this yesterday when I was blowing on a coal and the thing POPPED....and embers that made it look like a firecrackers popped all over the place and in my friggen face! Lol I was freaked the hell out.

Well anyways...Yeah I wanna buy those coals from H-C the next time I order from them again. But it won't be for a while
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