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Default Re: Has anyone used these?

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
Ugh I don't even wanna start with SB. I mean it doesn't ash AS much as Exoticas or anything like that, but the ash gets on my nerves! lol

When I ash the Sb coals, the ash a very fine ash and not only that, the ash is so light that it starts to fly across the room, which makes my carpet all nasty and stuff. I know vacuuming will always fix that prob...But I like coals that don't always get the ashes all over the carpet.

Hmmm Now I kinda starting to like them since they give off great heat=more smoke.

Haha! But I didn't say this yesterday when I was blowing on a coal and the thing POPPED....and embers that made it look like a firecrackers popped all over the place and in my friggen face! Lol I was freaked the hell out.

Well anyways...Yeah I wanna buy those coals from H-C the next time I order from them again. But it won't be for a while
Those coals must be the work of the Shaytaan if what you say is true.

I think I'll order the orange coals right now. Do they accept debit?

Ordered them just now.

Will probably get them Thursday.

I feel dirty now.

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