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Default Re: great Tangiers smoke

I never said I didnt have luck with it. I can pack a Tangiers bowl as good as anyone. What you fail to mention in your numerous "Tangiers is the best" posts is that not every flavor is the best. Same with any other brand of tobacco, they have their good flavors and their not so good flavors. I just so happen to think all 4 flavors of Lucid I have tried are near flavorless. Tons of smoke, and a hint of flavor. The Nour line is no different, I have had my fair share of crappy flavors and then I have some all time favorites. If you like I can list the duds and the good ones for you to scrutinize.

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
i just got 3 kilos of lucid...yall are trippin.

im loving them.

blue gumball
peach iced tea
kashmir cherry

i dont know how you guys have no luck with any of his stuff lol...if you were here id let you try everything i had.
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