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Default what do you think of this hookah

I have been looking for a good starter hookah for my customers that are new or don't have the $$$ to go for a $100+ hookah their first time around.
When these guys come to my house I offer them medium to large hookahs, mainly MZ or KM. I go to their house and they have a few of those little red ones that the guy on the right is holding. (that's why yuo see my with my syrian that i brought for myself)
The thing is that little red "espresso" hookah smokes great. He had them for over a year so I switched out the hoses and bowls for him to upkeep. I have been there several times lately and don't have the need to bring my own hookah. It actually hits and works great. I don't even have a complaint when I go there as I used to in the past.
Coincidentally I saw these in the market and was thinking of stocking them. What do you guys think of them? I know if you have a KM you'll slam these, but think about the convenience, the size, and I am telling you from personal experience these work great. Would you buy 1 for $60? I think I'll be stocking them soon.
Your comments will be appreciated.

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