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Default Sucessful Tangiers Noir.

Well if anybody remembers I ordered 750g of tangiers and some coconara a little while back. I have been smoking it for a bit and have had great success. That is if you disregard that humidity freaking out everytime I order tangiers...

First was the Lucid horchata. Love it. New favorite.
Second was a 50/50 blend of the lucid cocoa and the classic cocoa. Smoked well but there was a near total lack of flavor. Going to try it again once the humidity stops pinballing.

Lastly we have the Peach iced tea. Classic. No Lucid blend. Tasty, big clouds, strong flavor and it kicked like a mule. I am used toa buzz and enjoy one but this came on really fast. I did not get sick like I have once or twice from some other high nicotine sessions but I was bordering. I blame a lot of this on the fact that I don't pace myself and rarely remember to do so...

So in conclusion it was great. Only a slight tickle which I can assume is a result of the odd humidity since it is usually an acclimation problem and I need to acclimate every day I want to smoke just to keep them smelling right.
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