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Default Re: First Hookah?

My girlfriend has the QT and it smokes very well so I figure this should not be too far off. They don't purge great but that's not a big deal if you know how to manage a bowl or smoke like a chimney like me

All hookah are portable, excluding the very large hookahs. The height is mostly for appearance and show as far as I am concerned. I carry my 26 inch rotator in my trunt most of the time and never have a problem. If you are worried about it breaking I would say find something with an acrylic base. BUt then again unless you are tossing it around (DO NOT DO THAT) a glass base should be fine. I have never broken one.

My only regret for my first hookah is that I did not get something better. I really want a classic hookah now but I don't have the money to drop. I am trying to pay off student loans and save a big chunk of change to move to CA.
So my suggestion is splurge while you can. Just a little. Quality really matters.
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