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Default Re: mixes in your vase

I have several, here they go:

1. Orange Ocean Hawaiian Punch in the vase with cold water and a few Lemon slices with Al Amir Orange in the Bowl. It's rediculous

2. Sprite and Ice Water in Vase, with Lemon Al Amir in the bowl. This is one of my favorites!

3. Rose Water, Mint Leaves, Lemon Slices, and Ice Water with Mint Al Amir. Its Awesome!

4. Minute Maid Cherry Limeade Juice, Ice Water, and a splash of orange Juice with Kiwi-Strawberry in the bowl. Its really unbelievable.

5. Minute Maid Grape Punch and Ice Water. Grape Al Amir in the bowl. One of my favorites!

6. Minute Maid Citrus Punch, Ice Water, Lemon Slices, and Grapefruit slices. Several Tobaccos can be fabulous with this; Lemon, Kiwi, Orange, or Mint are recommended.

If you guys try any of these out, let me know how it went! Minute Maid and Hawaiian Punch are really good choices to use in the vase. Good Luck
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