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Default Re: Why to NOT buy a Chinese Knockoff Hookah.

I have recently bought a Chinese hookah. I would say im pretty happy with it. Of course i am no expert, and its to early to speculate about such things as rust. But it smokes quite well, the pull is great and the hits are gigantic (though it does take about 4 hits to fully fill the chamber). The entire thing seems nice and sturdy. The hoses are rubber very comfortable and at least appear to be well made. The vase looks nice, dimond cut desighn. But the stem is aluminum and detachable.

In any case for 35 bucks i got more then i expected, it looks nice and smokes well. Now im sure eventually i will move up to finer hookas. But for the time being its cheap and serves my purpouses.

Anyway just figured id share.
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