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Hmm most of them are knock offs. But, it looks to me that some of them are MYA hookahs.

I am only able to see the "one hoses" option and the rest of them do not show.

These are the ones that are real (MYA):
1 hose options
Row 1: 1, 3, 5(NOT TOO SURE! But, make sure it has a MYA stamp on it)
Row 2 none
Row 3 none
Row 4 none

Now, I am not really sure. Some knock offs make good and realistic knock off MYAs so you never know.. The only way you can make sure is if, again, if there is "MYA" stamped on the stem or ashtray. A lot of them look like MYAs but they are models I've never seen before or aren;t on

Just buy online to be safe if ya want :P

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