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Default Hookah lounges....another rant

Last night got me thinking as I looked around the hookah lounge. This place is very small....max capacity is 35 people. There were maybe 50 in there last night. There's the main hall, a "private" room, and a room to the left. This lounge is fairly new, about 5-6 months old and owned by 2 young gents. Here's where it gets interesting. They have a great selection of tobacco...AF, SB, Nakhla, so on and so forth. They have mixes on the bottom of their menu....purple haze, kush, and whatnot. As I roll my eyes I catch a glance at the ceiling. It's one of those suspended ceilings with the tiles on it. People have painted them with slogans such as, "feed your head", "Expand your mind", and "what a long, strange trip it's been". So, after they bring the hookah over I notice the stem is like 4" into the water....great. They put the coals on, AF lemonwood, and a windcover. It surprisingly started smoking immediately(AF pipe). 15 minutes go by and the coals died. So, you gotta wait until someone comes by to ask for new coals. This happened 3 times that night. I get a chance to talk to the owners once in a while when i'm there. I showed them coco nara coals and a phunnel bowl which they had never seen. After having a chat and a hookah brought to us with SB citrus mist and my trusty coco naras(which didnt have to be moved/ashed AT ALL and smoked the entire time), some "belly dancers" showed up. A white, black, and asian chick....ok. So as they are setting up, I look around. The "private" room is filled with tool bag "gangsta" kids and their "ho's" having some bud light...obviously underage. Where my friends and I are sitting, is a bunch of what seems to be avid hookah smokers and chill folks. The last room was filled with princessy looking chicks, which caught me by surprise. As I further look into things, I notice maybe 1/4 of the people in the place are actually smoking. The fucking rap music being blasted from the speakers is getting on my last nerve. The belly dancers threw on some great arabic music and got to dancing....they sucked. After they finish, i've been there for about 3 hours. I get home and wonder what made us go there. My friend goes, "well, it's cool to go somewhere where they set everything up for you and you dont have to do anything"....sounds good right? Not at this place! Asking for coals 3 fucking times is NOT cool. Burying the damn stem 4" into the water is NOT cool. Having drug references around the place is NOT cool. I know you can't help what kind of people go to these places but it really irks me to see what happens in this lounge.

So to sum up my nonsensical rant,
1. Ditch the drug references
2. Curb underage drinkers before the whole place gets shut down
3. Get some real belly dancers
4. I don't want to hear wu tang clan while im fuckin smoking
5. Learn how to set up a hookah and do some research to make your "lounge" better. (didnt know what washed and unwashed was either)
6. Aaron, if you see this, sorry bro but I really can't stand your hookah lounge.

end rant.

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