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Default Re: Vortex bowl?

Hey everyone,

sorry, I just got back into town on Monday and im know finally caught back up with all my work. I would of responded to this posy earlier.

The vortex bowls just arrived to our warehouse yesterday, They are available in blue, black and white and also in metal..
To answer a few of your questions, the bowl holds about 25g - 30g of shisha. it holds about 10g more than regular clay/ceramic bowls. (we didn't see the need for a bowl that holds 50g to 100g of shisha, in the end you waste a lot shisha with such a big bowl, unless you're having a party and you need one bowl to last 3 hours! ) If we get lots of requests for a bigger size then we will add it to the inventory.
The Vortex bowl is designed differently from the standard funnel bowls, if you visit the link above you will see how the holes are aligned inside the bowl. There about 4 holes all together on the inside of the bowl. The holes are not too big, HookaH Hookah is the finest cut of shisha and it does not fall in the hole. We have tested the bowls with many shisha brands and it improves the smoking ability of every one, (the same affect the funnel bowls have on most shisha brands) the brand the vortex bowl has helped the most is Hookah Hookah. In the Vortex bowl, Hookah Hookah burns longer and keeps the flavor without getting harsh as it does sometimes in regular bowls. I attended a wholesale trade show last week, and we were using the vortex bowl the entire week (1 bowl every hour) the bowl would of lasted a lot longer than 1 hour but retailers wanted to try new flavors every hour. I was using 1 1/2 coals everytime and did not burn the bowl once. I still wouldn't recommend using 2 or 3 coals with hookah tobacco, but almost everyone uses that many coals to smoke the thicker cut shisha, with Hookah Hookah and the vortex bowl you can use 2 coals but 1 will work great. (with regular bowls just use 1 coal and the shisha wont burn)
We had many requests to carry the funnel bowls and we didn't want to bring out the same design thats already sold on the market, so we designed our own. The mod is already built into the bowl, so there's no need to buy an add on to make the bowl work correctly. The vortex bowl is an alternative to the funnel bowls, it has the same concept though. It is very easy to pack shisha in the vortex bowls! Vortex bowls will start coming free with all of our new hookahs premiering near the end of the year. The vortex bowl was specifically made for Hookah Hookah so customers could enjoy the flavor a lot longer, but it does work with every shisha brand.

we will have an instructional video on the vortex bowl coming out soon, it will show how to pack the bowl and how to arrange the holes on the foil.
Personally, Im in love with the vortex bowl, I received the very first samples from our manufacturer and I have been using it ever since. It makes smoking hookah so much better, the flavor holds the entire time and no juices run down the inside of the stem. I do love the funnel bowls as well, I have smoked out of them many times, thats why im so happy we now carry the Vortex bowls.
we have already received many orders for the vortex bowls so you should start seeing reviews on them online pretty soon.

have a great day,

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