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Default Re: Sucessful Tangiers Noir.

I'd say it depends on how easily nicotine affects you. If you are a long term smoker with moderate tolerance than 50/50 should be a good starting point. If you are new I would agree with the others and go closer to 60/40.

As I expressed, I like Tangiers and Nakhla just about the same. I think I will rate tangiers down one since the ease of use is lacking but up one for great smoke, longevity and flavor (excluding the cocoa I have) Naklha I am going to rate down one for the heavy feelings I get in my lungs when smoking it. I can only draw so deep for so long before it's too much. And I will rate them up one for flavors, buzz and price. So all in all they both have their benefits.

Juno, is that number realistic?

Iamscott, Oh trust me I am going to try that mix. Iced peach tea/horchata was great. I am waiting until I can get cocoa to smoke well and be flavorful before I try mixing it.
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