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Default shisha recipes thread (amateurs)

I am intrested in making homemade shisha because i found some syrops at the local supermarket.
I 've seen some post here and there but not really a recipe topic so i decide to make this one.
As of now i have no expericnce on making my own shisha, but i have the basic idea.
Please post your own recipes and thoughts on the topic and help others.
What i know is the following.
1- you get a good brand of pure tobacco
2- wash it or not.
3- cook it in low heat (dont know how long)
4- mix with glycerin and honey plus your flavour (natural or not)
5-cook it in very low heat
Thats what i've read here and there and woks bit i 'd loke this Thread to be more
specific ( quantities and proportions and time)

I ll edit this post to improove the recipe with more details as the thread grows.

NOTE TO MODS : If you think this should be move to homemade stuff, move it but IMO should be here becauseits recipes and thoughts

Cheers, Stefanos
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