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Default Re: September forum contest outide US

We are not held responsible if a minor joins the forum. They are to follow their countries/ states anti smoking/ tobacco laws. Each country is different and there is no way we will ever 100% know who is who and what age they are and what their laws are. Even if there was an age thing on this site, people lie.

Each person has the responsibility to follow the rules and if they get into trouble by their government, hookahpro will not be held responsible or liable.

As for the vendors, I think it is wrong that you keep arguing your point. You are a minor and your father is helping you be delinquent. I dont' care that your father is, and it's whatever you two decide. I have no moral issue with this, and say hey whatever. I do on the other hand, have a problem with you sharing this information with everyone on this forum, and possibly the whole internet. If I were you, i'd get that information off the internet. Stranger things have happened.


As for what you mentioned. If I were a vendor, I probably wouldn't send it without your fathers id and proof that he was the one buying it for himself to use. There is no way that i'd risk my business.

And there is a BIG problem with an adult buying it and a minor smoking it. It's STILL illegal. You may not understand that, but in america, if a convience store sells a person of smoking age a pack of cigs, and that person turns around and gives it to a minor. the convience store can still get into trouble if they knew that the person was buying for a minor. Which any vendor that has read this thread will now know........

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