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Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
To be honest, sometimes I feel like certain Members are only here to "promote a product" instead of just participating in the community. It is "almost" like they are paid advertisers .. and it is just getting old. I think a lot of people know "who" and "what" I am talking about .. ??
I already talked to husky when he said a similar thing in chat.
When people ask you what your favorite tobacco is, you say AF or SB or whatever you say. You pay good money, you like it, you tell people you like it.

Whether or not you are referring to me, I'll go ahead and explain the exact same thing that I did to Husky in chat earlier.

I spend my hard earned money on tangiers, Eric gives me nothing for free, and doesn't care if I go on a forum and say "i love this stuff". In the whole time I've known Eric ive gotten nothing free except a sample of test flavor (all of 100g) that he sent out to 50 people...If you really don't believe me, call Eric. He's not even the type of person to lie to you...

I really like the stuff. I personally think its the best tobacco. For me, once I mastered my problems its all I smoke. I can take pics for you of all the tangiers I have, that I paid for.

I had a hard time learning how to do it, but when I did, i loved it. When someone makes a post about how to do it right, I reply to them because i really want them to do it right and enjoy it. I could care less about promoting a product. If starbuzz made a line that was this good, with no food coloring id tell you to buy that...this is just my personal opinion.

What is the alternative, someone makes a post, and no one responds because its tangiers? does that even sound like a community anymore?

Just like you made your videos showing how to setup a hookah, pack a bowl, this and that...I made a tutorial because I wanted people to learn. I wanted people to be able to work around their problems, since it is trickier to learn.

Like I said in a post before, I don't make tangiers threads, or random tangiers posts. The only time (now at least) I answer with tangiers is when someone says what tobacco do you like, or im having a problem. Even then I don't even want to reply anymore due to fear of persecution. I'm not trying to get into fights with people, or have people think I actually make money doing this (i wish by the guys should call Eric and tell him how much I defend tangiers and tell him he should be paying me), I just wanted to help people and if thats not wanted, thats fine by me.
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