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Default Re: Has anyone used these?

The coals finally arrived at my doorstep. The box had no battle scars, which is a huge surprise considering FedEx delieverd the package. I ordered these yesterday, the twenty third, too. This isn't surprising considering the fact that I live forty minutes from Hookah Company.

They came in an ornate looking bag that I will definitly use again.

Shit was so cash.

They felt dense in my hand and looked like real coals, not black twigs. Thankfully, the largest pieces had nice seams running through them that would enable me to break the coal into managable sizes. I am excited to try these out at work now.

They came in three sizes.

1. Large lumps of coal no bigger than my fist. They were easily broken into perfect sized lumps. I could get at least six pieces out of these fuckers.
2. Medium pieces that would break in half for the ideal size.
3. Perfection.

I have yet to try these, but I must say I am deeply dissapointed already.

I was expecting to get blasted in the face with an orange smell upon opening the bag, but instead I was shot at with dissapointment.
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